Indian Journal of Arachnology 2014 Volume-3 (1)

Featured Articles
A New Species of Deinopis Macleay (Araneae: Deinopidae) From India
By John Caleb T.D. & Manu Thomas Mathai pp. 01-07
Antibacterial Nature of Dragline Silk of Nephila Pilipes (Fabricius, 1793)
By Archana Amaley, A. A. Gawali  And S. R. Akarte pp. 08-11
Diversity, Population & Habitat Used By Spiders In Banana Agro-ecosystem
By Seema Keswani And Ganesh Vankhede pp. 12-27
A New Species Of Dyschiriognatha (Araneae: Tetragnathidae) from India
By Atul Bodkhe, Shripad Manthen And Akio Tanikawa pp. 28-34
Description of 0ne New Species of The Genusclubiona (Araneae: Clubionidae) from India.

By Seema Keswani And Ganesh Vankhede pp. 35-40