Indian Journal of Arachnology 2013 Volume-2(1)



Featured Articles
Spider Species Heteropoda Venotoria Linnaeus 1767 (Family: Sparassidae): A Commonly Used traditional Medicine of char Chapori People of Assam, India.
By Mansur Ahmed, Jinnath Anam, Malabika Kakati Saikia & P. K. Saikia pp. 01- 15.
Rapd-PCR Based Study of Jumping Spiders From agricultural Fields of Amravati District, Maharashtra (India)
By N.R. Sharma, N.E. Warghat & M.M. Baig pp. 16-29
Spider (Arachnida: Araneae) Diversity, Seasonality & Status in Cashew Agro-ecosystem
By P.S. Bhat, K.K. Srikumar & T.N. Raviprasad pp. 30-42
Review of Dispersal In Spiders: Modes, Fate And Implications
By V.K. Patil & V.P. Uniyal  pp.  43-51
A  New Species of The Spider Genushygropoda (Araneae:  Pisauridae) from India
By Ganesh Vankhede; Seema Keswani & Anuradha Rajoria pp. 52-60
Revision of Spiders From The Genus Cyclosa (Araneae: Araneidae) with  Description of Two New Species and The First Record of Male of C. moonduensis Tikader, 1963 From India.
By Seema Keswani pp. 61-80
Spider Fauna of Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary, Chandoli National Parkandkoyna Wildlife Sanctuary
By Suvarna More & Vijay Sawant pp. 81-92